Board of Directors 

Thierry Voisin - President
Chairman - The WOY

Elisabeth Niek - Vice-President
Head of Charter department  – CSO Yachts

William Rizzo - Vice-President 
Executive Director – Premium Yachts

Nikolaos Patsiokas
COO - BWA Yachting

Boris De Bel
Co-Founder / CEO

Jérôme Céron
CEO and Yacht Broker - MSC YACHTING

Vincent Escallier 
Business Development Director – MB92 GROUP​

Vincent Huens de Brouwer
Yacht Insurance Broker, Lawyer and Owner - COVERSHIP SARL​

Sarah Futhazar
Global Head of Charter - CAMPER AND NICHOLSONS

Magali Puppo
Charter broker – Neo Yachting

Jérôme Wydauw
Founder - W.Lease

Sophie Nordlund
Yacht Insurance - Newcoast

HONORARy members

Claude Niek -
Owner & CEO – CSO Yachts

Alex Mazzoni


Tax & Law Committee

The objective of this committee is to deal with all subjects related to laws and regulations applicable to Yachting or to Yachting professionals.
This committee comes in support of the other committees when they need legal clarifications.

Chairman : Thierry Voisin / Contact :

Environment Committee

This committee deals with all matters concerning the maritime environment applicable to yachting.

Chairman : Thierry Voisin / Contact :

ECPY International Committee

This committee aims to establish collaborations with yachting organizations in EU and non-EU countries and assist in the formation of yachting professional groups in countries where nothing has been established yet.

Chairman : Nikolaos Patsiokas/Contact :  

Business intelligence Committee (statistics)

The purpose of this committee is to generate the necessary studies to analyze the economic activity of Yachting in Community or non-Community waters.

Chairman : Thierry Voisin / Contact :

Membership & Activities Committee

The Membership & Activities Committee is responsible for welcoming new members, identifying members' needs, and recommending the development of services to meet those needs.

Chairman: William Rizzo / Contact :  

Communication & Marketing Committee

The mission of this committee is to inform both members and non-members of the actions carried out by ECPY. The objective is to convince Yachting professionals and administrations of the validity of the  actions we carried out.

This committee writes the ECPY newsletters and relays them on our social networks and our website.

Chairman : Thierry Voisin / Contact :

Contracts Committee

This committee is responsible for the design, implementation and management of contracts applicable to commercial yacht operations.

Chairman : Elisabeth Niek / Contact :

Covid-19 committee

This committee maintains and communicates the list of applicable rules concerning Covid-19 in the different countries and their application to Yachting.

Chairman: William Rizzo / Contact :

Events Committee 

The purpose of this committee is to manage and organize the events produced by ECPY, such as the Open Days, Riviera Yachting Rendez-vous, Symposium etc... This committee also established the list of events in which ECPY participates as co-organizer or visitor.

Chairman: Patrick Gilliot / Contact :