ECPY's objective is to defend the rights and duties of a yacht in French and European waters.

The European Committee for Professional Yachting (ECPY), created in January 1993, is an association of yachting professionals (yacht brokers, central agents, yacht owners, shipyards, suppliers, insurers, craftsmen, legal consultants, classification societies...).

To date the association brings together more than 140 member companies.

ECPY focuses its actions on the economic development of the yachting industry and defends the interests and good practices of professionals, while cooperating with administrations, the government and the European Union to ensure a fair balance between the development of local, national and European regulations on the one hand, and the economic, environmental and social development of yachting on the other.

Thus, ECPY has been at the heart of negotiations, for more than 25 years, with tax, customs, social and environmental administrations, to ensure the pragmatic applicability of new measures, but also their consistency with neighboring countries: Italy, Spain, Malta, Croatia, Greece, Turkey… ECPY ensures in particular that no discrimination or distortion of competition can be established on a lasting basis.

ECPY organizes training seminars for its members, in order to encourage the professionalization of companies and their employees, and to contribute to the development of best practices.

ECPY campaigns for the establishment of a network of Mediterranean Yachting associations, so that, despite the diversities and administrative distortions erected by the governments, the sharing between the "clusters" in these different countries brings a constructive dialogue and that Yachting continues to develop in a flexible and agile way in the Mediterranean.


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