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            ECPY focuses its actions on the economic development of the yachting industry and defends the interests and good practices of professionals, while cooperating with administrations, the government and the European Union to ensure a fair balance between the development of local, national and European regulations on the one hand, and the economic, environmental and social development of yachting on the other. We have been at the heart of negotiations for more than 25 years to ensure the pragmatic applicability of new measures in the Mediterranean. We also encourage the professionalization of companies and their employees to contribute to the development of better practices throughout the industry. 

            « We have worked with ECPY and Thierry Voisin for a number of years. They have done a fantastic job of supporting the industry and ensuring that we are equipped with the right knowledge and tools. In addition to this, the ECPY open days in Nice have been a huge success, allowing for an effective and cost efficient way of exhibiting our yachts in the South of France. » 

            Jonathan Beckett, CEO Burgess

            « The ECPY has been a consistent and dynamic leader in bringing the luxury charter  industry to the current standard.  The organization continually advises on a variety of issues for the benefit of the entire  yachting industry. You can rely on ECPY.  »  

             Terry Hines – Senior Charter Manager – IYC

            « ECPY is a committed association bringing together all the major professionals and  players in the Yachting sector in France, and which has always defended the interests  of our industry while promoting good practices and assisting professionals.  » 

             Chantal Lemeteyer - CEO - Monaco Marine


            Here are some concrete examples on which ECPY has intervened in recent years :   

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