Make your voice heard to be informed and to act on the future. 

In recent years, as an example, ECPY has intervened (non-exhaustive list) in order to :

  1. Publish information on the development of the yachting economy in the Mediterranean

  2. Be recognized by the European Commission as representative of Yachting, with its entry in the transparency register

  3. Exchange and then negotiate with the French tax and customs authorities in :

    1. The definition of commercial exemption (70% rule)

    2. The finalization of the ECPY Transport agreement for yachts.

    3. The new VAT rules for real VAT on lease contracts (charter)

  1. Intervene vigorously in the uncoordinated introduction of new rules for the social protection of seafarers and to obtain a modification of the measures taken.

  2. Obtain clarification and a moratorium on import duties for US-built yachts

  3. Negotiate with the maritime authorities (actions underway in coordination with other professional associations) to approach with more pragmatism the new regulations for moorings in the Mediterranean, particularly regarding the Posidonia fields, with the aim of reducing the impact of these measures on the attractiveness of the Côte d'Azur for Yachts.

  4. Confirm the possibility for brokers not to be registered with Atout-France's under travel agent status, subject to simple conditions.

ECPY organizes throughout the year "Open Days" allowing professionals to gather around the presentation of yachts for sale or charter, at the port of Nice. One of these events, on a larger scale, also allows for an annual review of the new provisions of the profession, the authorities and the various countries of the European Union in the field of yachting.

Finally, ECPY carries out economic studies and legal consultations on any point relevant to the future and influence of yachting in the Mediterranean.