Make our voice heard to be informed and act for the future of yachting.

Here are some concrete examples on which ECPY has intervened in recent years:  
Entry into the European Commission’s Registry of Transparency as representatives of yachting
Negotiation with the French tax and customs authorities on the definition of the commercial exemption (70% rule), new VAT rules on lease contracts (charter)
Clarification regarding the import duties for US built yachts
- New regulations for moorings in the Med to reduce the impact of yachts on the environment without impacting the attractiveness of the Côte d’Azur
- Launch of the Transport Agreement
- Economic studies and legal consultations regarding the future of yachting in the Mediterranean.   


Created in January 1993, ECPY, The European Committee for Professional Yachting is an association of yachting professionals that brings together all industry’s activities (yacht brokers, central agents, yacht owners, shipyards, suppliers, insurers, craftsmen, legal consultants, classification societies…). 

ECPY focuses its actions on the economic development of the yachting industry and defends the interests and good practices of professionals, while cooperating with administrations, the government and the European Union to ensure a fair balance between the development of local, national and European regulations on the one hand, and the economic, environmental and social development of yachting on the other. We have been at the heart of negotiations for more than 25 years to ensure the pragmatic applicability of new measures in the Mediterranean. We also encourage the professionalization of companies and their employees to contribute to the development of better practices throughout the industry. 

ECPY is also organizing throughout the year some events to allow professionals to meet and exchange information around the display of yachts for sale and/or for charter in the Port of Nice: Open Day, Riviera Yachting Rendez-Vous and the Symposium.