Board of Directors 


Thierry Voisin, The WOY

The Woy is a relatively small company, known throughout the world, largely due to the longevity and global influence of our CEO, Thierry Voisin, who has been involved in the upper echelons of the industry through his family and company for many generations, but also due to our intrinsic values and sense of purpose.

Vice President

Elisabeth Niek, CSO Yachts

CSO Yachts is a luxury brokerage house established for more than 60 years in South of France, CSO Yachts provides the following services: yacht charet, yacht sale, yacht purchase and yacht management.                                  


Laurent Monsaingeon, LMNP

Laurent is a consultant on various maritime and marina topics, with a particular focus on the specificities of Yachting. He participates in the monitoring, by ECPY, of the transport contract and the taxes applicable to yachts in commercial use, as well as in the treatment of the economic spin-offs of Yachting from the AIS positions of the yachts. Through other companies, he intervenes in port matters (SMART WATERS marina management system) as well as in the legal and fiscal follow-up of yacht navigation (FLYN-YACHTING services).

Thomas de Campou, ANP Insurance

Since 1940 our office has been the leading insurer for Marine business and from that basis, we have evolved and become specialized in Yacht Insurance. ANP has become the main insurer for the French and European pleasure yacht market thanks to its professional approach and competitive rates. We also provide cover for boat, yacht and crew (medical and health). Furthermore, we insure vessels registered under different flags as well as those for private use and charter.

Thibault Fava, YMCA Yachting

YMCA is an appointed customs agent certified as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). YMCA provides fiscal and customs fiscal and customs consultancy services in the EU. 

Company team

Christel Pocachard, Natur'ally Yachting

Naturally Yachting is a full-service yachting company specialized in all the areas of yachting: Yacht Management, Yachts for Sale, Yachts for Charter, Crew Management, Yacht's Berth and Service.

William Rizzo, Premium Yachts

Established in Saint-Tropez since 1995, PREMIUM YACHTS is specialized in luxury yacht charters on the French Riviera and worldwide.

With a long experience of the yachting industry and an extensive knowledge of yachts on charter and their crew, PREMIUM YACHTS provides tailored services to an international clientele to assist them to select and organize their cruise among a fleet of more than 1.500 yachts, and provides to yacht owners comprehensive services for the charter marketing and charter management of their yachts.

Tony Vamvakidi, North Star Yachting

North Star Yachting, will help you to choose the most compatible yacht, according to your needs, either for purchase or charter. 

Nikolaos Patsiokas, BWA Yachting

BWA Yachting is a worldwide yachting services provider established to support captains, managers and crew. We aim to make their lives easier, assisting with the increasing demands of managing a modern superyacht. 
Our global office network stretches throughout the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Caribbean and the Americas,   providing a unique and seamless experience, wherever our clients are cruising.

HONORARy members

Claude Niek, President and Director of Sales

Claude began his career in 1983 by joining the Claude Schmitt Organisation team as a Sales Broker. With his network, influence and charisma, Claude quickly became a respected broker, frequently breaking records as well as inspiring and assisting other brokers in the industry. In 1997, Claude became a partner and director of the company which was renamed CSO Yachts. He has since been a guiding force in its expansion, particularly in the Sales and Management team.

With 35 years of experience and knowledge, Claude has not only seen the great changes in the industry but has also been a great motivator in helping the company move forward. He has had seats on numerous committees and associations and has been active in the evolution of the Yachting industry for the better.

Alex Mazzoni

Alex Mazzoni began his career at a very young age in the early 1980s, he and his lifelong friends and partners, Carlo Agliardi and Antonio Pozzi, founded Italyachting. He then  they acquired Fraser Yachts in 1993 which he turned into a large global brokerage brand it remains today. In 2012, after Fraser Yacht was sold to the Azimut Benetti Group, Alex founded Sos Yachting Italy. As its CEO, he developed its presence in France and Monaco, Croatia, Spain and Italy also. Alex has a huge love of classic and vintage yachts, making him a touchstone for all the leading Italian sector associations and clubs, not least Asdec and the Yacht Club de Monaco. Today Alex joined, as partner and broker Equinoxe Yacht International, an important company in the world of brokerage with offices in Italy, France, Monaco and Switzerland, with a team of senior brokers with thirty years of experience in the world of yachting.


The mission of the IT Committee is to assess technology-related requirements to support the ECPY objectives and strategies in the digital economy and to report to the Board of ECPY the works and forecasts of its activities. The IT Committee appraise and review the financial, strategic and operational benefits of information technology-related projects, including impact on the ECPY’s performance and growth. The committee manages IT projects definition, budgeting, management and implementation on time and on budget and to advise the Board on every aspects of information technology, including data security and data privacy. 

The committee is in charge of Environmental aspects in the Yachting activity.

The objective is to raise the awareness of members regarding the environmental issues that are challenging our industry and to represent the member's interests while exchanging with partners and maritime authorities.

The main current issue (2019-2020) refers to the new regulation of yacht's anchoring and anchorage sites in the French costal waters of the Mediterranean, having high level discussions with the maritime authority in Toulon, and protecting equally the maritime environment and the economy of Yachting in the South of France - Corsica. The production of a "corpus" of up to date local regulations in English, for the use of captains is one of ECPY objectives.

Our committee takes care of ECPY’s and Yachting Community’s accounts.

We make sure the financial obligations of both entity are complied with.

We also check the bank accounts on a daily basis in order to avoid any mistake. 

The ECPY broker's committee is very active and is involved with all topics related to yacht brokerage and charter and in particular the ECPY transportation contract and the new QH 2020 of the Port of Cannes but is also the in relation with all the big event organisers on the French Riviera as well as all ports.

The communication committee is in charge of organizing and creating the promotion of the association as well as the promotion of the events it organizes. This committee writes and distributes ECPY newsletters and relays them on our social networks and website. The communication committee is also in charge of updating the ECPY website on a daily basis.

The ECPY East Med committee is the sine qua non link to bridge the western culture to the eastern cumbersome prcedures and deliberate or not, "babel tower" reailty. 

Safeguarding fair competition and borderlesss operations is the only key to unlock everyone s access to the World s Yachting Paradise under the same rules. 

Launched in May 2020, the Covid-19 committee is aimed to assist the yachting industry recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic by negotiating the lifting of restrictions with the relevant authorities and provide guidance to Ship Owners and Captains for the safety of seafarers and passengers, in-line with the joint social and environmental commitment of professional yachting. With an initial focus on yachting in France, the committee is set to work on the longer term with information and solutions for the yachting industry as a whole to face and overcome the pandemic.

The event committee is in charge of the organization of the Open Days and Riviera Yachting rendez-vous. It also participates in the organization of the Symposium and the numerous conferences that ECPY organizes throughout the year.