This year the 7th edition of the ECPY Riviera Yachting Symposium has taken place at the Hôtel Saint-Paul in Nice on April 19th, 2024. We welcome more than 135 people: brokers, managers, lawyers, students, and yachting professionals to work together on key topics and challenges the yachting industry is facing. Conferences were moderated by Frédéric Dormeuil & Susanne Storakers.

The ECPY Riviera Yachting Symposium brings together all yachting & maritime enthusiasts to explore the latest updates, trends, and innovations within the industry. This conference will create a vibrant atmosphere, celebrating the luxury and ingenuity that characterize the world of yachting and its good practices. 

Please find below the detailed program with panelists and session's highlights. You’ll have the possibility to download each session’s presentation to get the biggest updates shared during this event. For any further information regarding this event, contact us directly at

9:00 Introduction by Thierry Voisin (ECPY president) & Alain Mistre (Port of Nice director)

9:30 Session 1: Fiscal & Legal update

  • France: 
    • Update on the Transport Agreement
    • Launch of the ECPY EU Charter Agreement 


    • William Rizzo – Premium Yachts
    • Elisabeth Niek – CSO Yachts
    • Laurent Monsaingeon – FLYN-Yachting
    • Sophie Nordlund – Newcoast

  • Malta:
    • New VAT rates 


    • Anthony Galea – AG Advisory


  • Italy:
    • Charter activity & new regulations
    • Update on the fiscal situation
    • Becoming a yacht broker


    • Ezio Vannucci – Moores Rowlands Partners
    • Andrea Petragnani Ciancarelli – Yacht Lawyer & ISYBA Legal Consultant


  • Greece:
    • VAT update
    • HCPY
    •  New e-charter permission


    • Maria Ntouka-Monsantou – SOS Yachting Greece
    • Rosemary Pavlatou – HCPY president


11:30 Session 2 : Environment

  • Anchorage rules in the French Mediterranean


    • Pierre-Luc Lecompte – PREMAR Chef du Pôle Protection et Aménagement Durable de l’Environnement Marin
    • Laurent Monsaingeon – FLYN-Yachting


  • New fuels & ecological solutions

​Panelists : 

    • Thomas Grosjean – Helion Hydrogen Power by Alstom
    • Camille Lopez – HY Plug
    • Gregory Romano – Romano Energy
    • Elena Marolla – Natpower H


14:30 Yachting Image

  • What is the current situation regarding yachting image?
  • How can we support the transformation of the yachting image through public eyes?


    • Dilan Sarac – The Superyacht Life Foundation
    • Annalisa Tarquini – IUM
    • Thierry Voisin – ECPY president


15:00 KYC

  • What KYC means? Who is concerned? Why is it important to know your partners
  • What procedures can we follow?


    • Diane Quenault – Credit Safe
    • Estelle Pattard – EOS Associes


15:30 Yachting destinations

  • Update on the emerging & remote destinations for 2024
  • Focus on the Asia-Pacific area
  • Presentation of NEOM-Sindalah Island


    • Nikolaos Patsiokas – BWA Yachting
    • Boris De Bel – Charter Itinerary
    • Guillaume Catalano – Catalano Shipping Services
    • Billy Canellas – NEOM Sindalah


16:30 The future of yachting

  • What are the expectations of yachting professionals and associations?
  • Which improvements for a better industry’s image around the world?


    • Raphael Sauleau – MYBA
    • Dilan Sarac – The Superyacht Life Foundation
    • Erin Ackor – ISS
    • Thierry Voisin – ECPY 


17:15: Business Intelligence

  • Prospective and economical study presentation regarding the yachting industry in the South of France
  • Presentation of FLYN-Yachting’s study on the commercial operations in the EU


    • Thierry Voisin – ECPY
    • Laurent Monsaingeon – FLYN-Yachting